sandia mountain

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Friends of Rio Rancho Open Space, Inc.

With 22 acres of cottonwoods and other trees dying in the Willow Creek Bosque, FORROS is trying to determine the cause.
O n April 30 Rudy Benavidez, Sandoval Extension Service Agent, checked the area. The problem is thought to be lack of water. Greg Fenchel and Arsenio Cruz of USCA-NRCS (Natural Resourses Conservation Service) drilled 10 monitoring wells on May 13 to check the water tabel level in the area. Volunteers used PVC pipe to construct the wells. Water samples were also taken to check for salt in the water. The wells will be monitored monthly by FORROS volunteers. FORROS volunteers working to put in the wells were Lonnie Clayton, Russ DeHaven. Michael Dennis, Dennis Herrick, Bea Herrick, Frank Shogren, and Dave Bagley.

Rudy Benavidez

Rudy Benavidez discusses dying trees with Dave Bagley of FORROS.

Setting up drill

Arsenio Cruz sets well in place with help from Russ DeHaven, Michael Dennis and Greg Fenchel.

Begin drilling

Arsenio starts to drill with a help from Russ, Greg and Michael.

Inserting well

Michael, Arsenio and Russ insert well.

Frank Shogren and Russ fill the hole with sand and bentonite.

Baling well

Michael bales water from the new well.