sandia mountain

Friends of Rio Rancho Open Space, Inc.

On Sept. 19 about 15 PNM employees and their families volunteered in the Willow Creek Bosque. They along with members of FORROS cut salt cedars in a one-acre area. After cutting the stumps were sprayed with a herbicide and the branches were bundled and removed to an area where they will be chipped when the contracters start working in the bosque. Unfortunately we can't show everyone who showed up to work.

Michelle Romero and Irene Estrada cut salt cedars.

Beth Cravens cuts salt cedars and Michael Dennis sprays the stumps with herbicide.

Manuel Estrada works on the salt cedars.

Jeff Estvanko, Adam Estavanko, Joseph Bogorad and Debby Estvanko work to clear salt cedars.

Alexander Cole carries bundles of branches to be chipped.

It's time for a little refreshment after a hard, hot job. Donuts were provided by Kathy Ellis and Art Hayden.