sandia mountain

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On June 9 Cynthia Abeyta, a hydrologist and Middle Rio Grande coordinator for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Albuquerque tested the ground water monitoring wells in the Willow Creek Bosque. Water from three of the five wells were tested for solids. Water was also sent to a lab for further testing for nitrates, etc. in an attempt to determine the cause of 45 acres of dead and dying cottonwoods. Testing will continue in July.

Cynthia Abeyta calibrates her equipment before monitoring wells.

Seven and a half gallons of water are purged from each will with tests on each gallon.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife hydrologist Cyndie Abeyta monitors the well and Bea Herrick of FORROS looks on.

Bottles are filled with water to be sent to the lab for further testing.